We Eat, Sleep & Breathe Mobile

We are a team of highly creative and technical individuals who create world class mobile projects.


Helping professionally produced podcasts become a fixture of student and classroom life with over 100,000 students accessing content every day.

An image of the exams screen from the GCSEPod app.


Making it easy for people to express how they feel and share their moods with friends and strangers.

The overview screen from the Rappel app.

We work with international clients

VACS Mobile Snapshot allows US paramedics to easily capture images, audio, video and patient information and share it with consultants and surgeons.

An image fo the Media screen from VACS Mobile Snapshot.


Using our mix of expertise we design unique concepts and develop innovative projects that mould the future of mobile.


We have extensive mobile knowledge and experience of delivering projects in many sectors, confidently enabling us to transform your ideas into successful mobile apps.

  • Mobile Consultancy
  • Idea Generation
  • Technology Research
  • Sector Research


With multiple devices and platforms to consider, we are able to solve any design difficulties due to our continuous research and extensive practical knowledge. This is what keeps our work fully ahead of the curve.

  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Multi-platform
  • Multi-device


Our code team are passionate about software engineering. Their dedication and knowledge helps to simplify mobile, allowing them to create professional and dependable mobile projects.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Multi-platform Apps


A design - orientated approach mixed with technical skill and strategic decision making ensures that we deliver optimum results on every project.

Process icon for Scope.

Scoping Out

We establish a thorough understanding of our client’s needs allowing us to outline clear goals for each project. Progress is monitored throughout the process to guarantee that the best results are achieved.

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Our versatile design team have a passion for mobile and nurture projects until they come to life. From initial idea generation to finalised concepts, a quality user experience is defined making exceptional mobile applications.

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Stacks of technical expertise equips us with the abilities to build solid platforms across multiple devices including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

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We test our apps thoroughly before launch so that they’re functioning to the highest possible standard. Our apps are successful because their dependability is a science, not a gamble.


Detailed below are a selection of apps where the strategy, design and development phases of the project lifecycle are described in full.

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We're a dedicated bunch of designers and developers who are passionate about mobile. We take pride in our work and deliver outstanding results every single time.

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Lewis Baker

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Claudia Thompson

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Oliver Foggin

  • Developer
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