2016, you’ve shocked us all with your whirlwind of events, the loss of the headphone jack was particularly hard for me as i’d just bought some new Sennheisers. The political uncertainties of Brexit came and are still with us…

2016: Merry Christmas and 'Appy New Year

… iPhone7 happened, everyone’s favourite Christmas meme Hans Gruber, and Bowie died. We had the IP Act passed over us, Assange had his internet cut off, the Touch Bar thing, and finally the US election has allegedly been influenced by hackers.

In the digital landscape, we’ve questioned you a lot over the year. As a company though, we only have fondness for you, you’ve brought us a lot of success in the last 12 months. This year, to us, has been an amazing success, something that we’ve been fortunate enough to say year after year as each new year has brought more fortunate events than the one before.

We define success in many ways. We know how amazing it is to be a thriving tech company in a great city, and we take none of it for granted. Our success is owed to our family of developers, designers, thinkers and doers that make this company great.

North East Digital Sector

It was great to pretty much start the year with the knowledge that in the North East, and the whole of the UK for that matter, the tech industry is thriving. The Tech Nation report 2016 brought us the result that tech industries on a whole are growing 32% faster than the rest of the UK economy.

The region displayed a show of strength in the report, something that was neatly echoed a few months later by Generator’s acquisition of Digital Union, the North East’s creative and digital outlet. We attended the first meeting that brought together companies from across the region to support the group that is focused on driving the digital sector forward. Having benefited from Generator support previously, the acquisition is something we were excited about which has continually shown its commitment to supporting the region throughout the year.

Our being a part of the North East’s growing technology sector was recognised in May when we featured as one of the top 50 companies in the region who are driving the digital revolution. On top of this our tech chief and my co-founder Michael Dunn was named as one of the North East’s top young business talent in the Chronicle’s 35 under 35 list. Both were unexpected and excellent surprises.

Team Gospelware

Throughout the year, our delivery team growth has been a main focus, which we’ve achieved a 90% increase in team size overall through the expansion of our design, web and iOS teams.

We’re a full stack Digital Product company, offering UI/UX design, frontend and backend development as well as apps for web and mobile on both iOS and Android.

Continuing to support apprenticeships in the North East we’ve hired office administration assistant Laura who has added some much needed organisation. Also, as part of our ongoing University outreach programme our industrial placement student’s talent and work ethic has been a valuable aid to the team on our projects.

There’s a lot of pride for the whole team this year, the commitment and enthusiasm, and also the motivation to help each other as well as contribute to making Gospelware the best studio it can be. This alongside of course, the excellent work that is being produced by our great family, here in our Newcastle studio.

Award Winning

Aside from our success at an NHS digital design challenge and some awesome project wins which we look forward to revealing in the New Year, one of our happiest moments has been winning a Big Chip Award in the Best Use of Mobile category for our work on Realrider®. This award is a big deal for us for two reasons - we’ve always wanted to have one on the shelf amongst the other awards, and secondly we were one of only two companies in the region to win an award.

Being shortlisted for the Emerging Talent award at the Entrepreneurs’ Forum Awards in October was a humbling experience. For myself and the team to be recognised by so many of our peers was one of the notable events for me personally this year.

In turning 6 this year, it was a pivotal time to acknowledge how far we’ve come, we celebrated by inviting all our clients, friends and collaborators to our birthday party to mark the occasion.

The Gospelware team on their 6th birthday

Recently we were selected to be part of the VentureFest Innovation showcase - an excellent event where the region can share their ‘excellent creations and services with each other’.

We’ve had much to reflect about fondly from this year and 2017 is going to be an even greater success. With lots in the pipeline and the best team in the North East around us, success is easily defined for us.

Big round of applause to all our team, our clients, and collaborators for the Gospelware love in 2016, we look forward to working alongside you all in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Ryan Davies. Managing Director, Gospelware

If you’d like to catch up with us in the New Year, reach us here.

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