GCSEPod are apps for GCSE revision that provide revision content for GCSE subjects and exams, with teacher monitoring and an educational podcast player.


GCSEPod Classic was the debut version of the learning software that makes it easy for teens to revise both in the classroom and at home. While the classic was gaining a high-level of usage, the system was in need of more functioning, and a heightened user-experience that users in this demographic had become accustomed to.

The system also needed to compete in the growing market of apps for GCSE revision. Our challenge was to update the system by redesigning the classic, creating GCSEPod 2.0, a web system with an accompanying revision app.

gcsepod ux


Access to study guides and information needed to be easy to find, whilst being neatly organised and enjoyable to use. We gave the UX (user experience) a complete overhaul, allowing quick access between subjects, exams, assignments, and downloaded content.

A new ‘dashboard’ feature allows students to quickly access recently viewed content whilst navigating between upcoming exams and assignments. We also added an educational podcast player which had the app dubbed ‘the Spotify of education’ in its reviews.

Soundbite learning create podcasts for GCSE subjects which existed on the web version of the app, the podcast player allows students to sync their personal learning content directly from the web to their app, playing them in the format that they would music.

gcsepod ui


GCSEPod has gained industry recognition since its completion with awards from BETT, IAAS, Education Resource, Learning Without Frontiers and Education Investor, and is a leading product within apps for GCSE revision.

The app is used in hundreds of schools nationwide and has been an influencer behind many schools adopting the use of mobile learning in classrooms. The combination of smart technology and award-winning content has generated a high-level of usage and had a direct impact on the improvement of results with one school reporting a 20% increase in A-A* grades.

gcsepod screens in devices

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