Moodbug is a mental health and wellbeing app for young people centred around the sharing and monitoring of moods. The app allows users to share their mood whilst supporting and uplifting the moods of others.


Mental health and the stigma often attached means that although more people every year, particularly those between 18-29, are using social media, people can often be reluctant to honestly express how they’re feeling even though they may want, or need to.

Mindapples, a company that ‘promotes public understanding of the mind’ approached us with the need for a forum where young people could express their moods more freely, and without stigma.

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With no popular place centred around moods where they can be shared digitally and easily, we created an app that bridges the gap between actual emotion and crafting a form of expression. A social media model that this target demographic could relate with.

Putting feelings across can leave us feeling vulnerable or too expressive, particularly in young people. The ultimate goal of the project was to create a comfort zone for opening up about feelings that also allows users to support each other more consciously.

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We created an app that allows users to easily express their moods to each other in a socially comfortable way. Friends can be added easily using phone contacts and are able to track each other’s moods using a two-swipe function. One update becomes the difference between friends not knowing your troubles to them helping you out of them.

Funded by Innovation Labs, a partnership between Comic Relief, Nominet Trust, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Mental Health Foundation and Right Here, Moodbug was also endorsed and supported by Stephen Fry, a known advocate for those experiencing mental health problems.

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