An award winning motorcycle app that ‘keeps riders safe and connected’. REALRIDER® is an online community for motorcyclists with built-in REALsafe® crash detection technology, and is the first app to be 999 certified.


The idea for the app was pioneered following information from Great North Air Ambulance that indicated a problem between motorcycle crashes and rescue. Finding riders within ‘the golden hour’ is imperative to boost survival chances, but most accidents happen on rural roads where a rider is solo at the point of crash.

We were approached by REALRIDER® to completely redesign version 1.0 of the app to make a more enjoyable user experience, and to more strongly incorporate the popular and life saving component of REALsafe®. This technology uses built-in motion sensors of smartphones to detect crashes and periods of inactivity.

realrider ux


User feedback was gathered prior to the redesign which our design team used to base the final reform of the app to make it a useable piece of motorcycle safety gear. This became the focus of the overhaul experience leading to the adding of features that hadn’t currently been considered prior to the user testing.

In the event of an accident, the REALsafe® technology sends the rider’s location, medical information and contact details directly to emergency services. This was a feature that users made clear they would like to be more visible within the app.

realrider design


The result was the design of a motorcycle app that is user-friendly, engaging, and most essentially promoting of safety for motorcyclists on roads. The re-design of the project was innovated directly from user feedback and incorporates more strongly the award winning REALsafe® feature.

As REALsafe® wasn’t visible in the system prior to our redesign, people were unable to purchase and use it. We changed this by giving REALsafe® its own prominent space on the home screen, making it immediately and easily accessible. Once accessed, the feature can be instantly purchased, with contact and medical information clearly visible in a profile format thereafter.

realrider in devices

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