Refract is a sales coaching software system where sales calls, demonstrations, meetings and emails can receive praise and feedback.


Employee training and coaching is essential in business with $150bn spent on corporate training in 2013 alone. Refract came to us after learning of an educational video system that allows teachers to give feedback to students.

In harnessing the power of video, Refract were working to provide a very specific type of feedback for sales coaching and training. With a web system already in development, Refract were also seeking an iOS ipad app to record videos and data on the go.

refract ux


Our client encouraged being challenged on the approach for building an ipad app. In understanding the focus of refract and the key target audiences of the platform we were able to advise and guide the project using our technical expertise.

The need was for a native iPad app that could be used offline, complementing the cloud based platform, enabling coaching and recording of sales technique live, and on the go. As multiple videos would be created, the ability to be able to do this had to be easily accessible and manageable. UI and UX design became key for the app to optimise the organisation of content.

refract ui


Refract works as a video tagging platform for the purpose of improving sales coaching, allowing companies to offer feedback and personal development to employees. A startup on collaboration with us, Refract now has over 2,000 users, establishing itself as a growing business with offices in both Newcastle and London.

Users can add tags to videos which are then displayed in categories, offering an organised format for coaching practice and feedback. The iPad app complements the web platform allowing users to coach their employees and teams live, being able to record and annotate actual sales moments.

refract device

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