Available on both Android and iOS, Roar is an app that maps trending nightlife in key places across the UK for people seeking places to go in unfamiliar cities.


Our client, a frequent traveller with his work, came to us with a vision to create a mobile app for those seeking nightlife in unfamiliar cities.

The first in a planned series of apps, this app needed to be simple to use, also including venue offers to draw people into use it. The objective was to create something that would show people where popular and trending nightlife is happening, and be a place to plan a night out.

roar ux


From research and experience we know that venues become busy at particular times on given days. To present ‘trending’ venues to the user we needed to design this data to make sure it operated in a user-friendly way.

Using existing data we would be able to show ‘trending’ restaurants, bars, and clubs prior to the signup of users. By using third party APIs such as Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter, we would be able to retrieve real-time (or as close as possible) data about people being near or at different venues.

roar ui


We created an algorithm to simulate the trending position of venues using location rankings from Foursquare and Facebook APIs. This combined with Twitter data and app user data makes trending venues rank as accurately as possible.

In creating user personas we chose a feature-set specifically for the target audience of the app. This helped direct design discussions, adding context to both the design and build of The RoarApp. The result has been the creation of an app that provides the best possible experience when people are using it.

roar devices

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