An iPhone and iPad app for a web based system called VACS (Video, Archiving and Communications System) which allows paramedics and ER staff to operate more quickly and efficiently by sharing patient information with ease.


We were approached by Global Device Management, a Chicago based medical technology company to assist in extending their medical software system onto mobile devices.

The web based VACS system allows clinicians to upload operating theatre video, x-rays, scans and images, whilst adding notes and being able to share all of this information with consultants and surgeons. In applying mobile, GDM hoped to increase the amount of data capture and allow this capture to happen earlier in the patient’s care.

vacs ux


After a period of consultation to determine how mobile could most assist, it was agreed that we would develop an iPhone and iPad app that allows paramedics and ER staff to quickly capture images, video, audio, patient information, and easily share these assets with consultants and surgeons.

The system would allow data capture from the point of contact between a patient and a medical professional - something that didn’t currently exist in the event of emergency care - which could then be shared to a hospital prior to arrival.

vacs ui


During the app development we focused on creating a simple and clean user experience which enabled the quick input of data. To ensure that patient information was secure on mobile devices, the app encrypted all of its data and we implemented a pin code system restricting access to the app.

Care for patients is able to improve due to the rapid nature of the system that supports efficient diagnosis and promptly delivered aid. True to its intent, the app is responsive to the focus of saving time in order to ultimately save more lives.

vacs device

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